Computer to Plate

XPose! delivers speed – constantly and reliably.

  • CtP-systems with unique internationally patented combination of laser diodes and internal drum
  • Open system with modular design: flexible, economical, a secure investment
  • Thermal imaging guarantees the highest reproduction quality
  • Compact internal drum for virtually any plate format
  • High-precision technology, easy to control
  • Long-life laser diodes
  • Plate handling system can be added at any time
  • Remote service enhances operational reliability
  • Proven minimal operating and maintenance costs

FlexPose! Flexo- and offset platesetters

  • One machine handles flexo, book and offset printing plates.
  • Based on XPose! technology; combines speed with consistency.
  • Unique combination of internal drum and external drum.
  • Thermal technology for processing all plates in daylight and achieving highest quality.

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