Navigator: Production control has never been so easy

Thanks to Navigator, you’ll have easy finger-tip control of your postpress processing. This groundbreaking production control system is based on state-of-the-art Flying Frame technology with intuitive operation via Multi Touch screen.
All applications are active in floating windows on the same level. So you’ll have fast and direct access to all relevant functions.
With drag-and-drop, you’ll be handing line configuration with assignment of insert products to the hopper stations, choice of operating mode, assignment of production to the MultiStack compensating stackers and selection of route sequences or loading docks faster than ever before.
The Navigator comes with standard applications NaviSet (data preparation), NaviRun (production control), NaviQ (reporting) as well as NaviSafe with back-up function and remote support via secure VPN link. Then there are optional expansions that can be fully adjusted to suit your wishes and requirements.

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