We’re already familiarising operating personnel with Ferag technology during the assembly phase. That gives you security and at the same times lays the foundations for maximum efficiency.
We are clear about setting the milestones for assembly, commissioning and testing. So you can be sure about the exact date that production can begin. And with line installation as an integrated phase of the project, you also keep tabs on costs. Expenditure is predictable from A to Z, and you can also budget on the basis of known values.
Our assembly specialists are the key to high-quality workmanship and on-schedule commissioning. You benefit from the swift utilisation and maximum service life of your newly acquired capacity, and also enjoy the benefits of the Ferag guarantee.
Why not place the assembly of your line in professional hands? We can both plan and implement relocation and conversion projects for you. A well-coordinated team of specialists will ensure that your production levels will be maintained even when replacing your old system with a new line. You can count on our expertise, and calmly turn your attention to your core tasks.

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